Act of Aggression: The Reboot Edition is now available!


This new edition lands on Steam at 50% off – free for owners of Act of Aggression

Eugen Systems releases Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition today, and can be purchased at 50% off on Steam! This re-release version of the game comes with massive gameplay overhauls: a new resource system, revamped base-building, unit control improvements, and much more! Experience the dynamic, streamlined version of Act of Aggression in skirmish mode against the AI, and in online multiplayer battles. Owners of the original Act of Aggression can download this new edition for free! Once the Reboot Edition is installed on your machine, you will be able to switch between the classic vanilla version and the Reboot Edition.

The Reboot Edition runs on a single economy for war: money. Refineries will now extract oil from deposits located around each map, which is directly converted into cash. Each faction has had their building location restrictions altered and their builder units are controllable, opening up new base-building options. Units have been tweaked to move and turn faster, and their reaction speeds to orders have been cut in half. These gameplay changes guarantee faster, more action-oriented gameplay that focuses on the battle.

The gameplay details are summarized below:

- Streamlined Economy: Manage two resources: oil and cash, allowing you to focus on the action. Unit expenditure is up-front, meaning no more micromanaging production lines.
- New Base Building System: Like a traditional RTS, base building units are selectable. Build directly from the builder (or destroy your opponent’s builder!)
- New Airstrikes: You no longer control the planes mid-flight. They go directly to their target and strike, much faster than previously.
- Huge balancing update and unit model improvements as well as UI tweaks and changes: for example, all units now accelerate and decelerate faster, guaranteeing more streamlined and action-packed RTS gameplay. 

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