Act of Aggression's Cartel faction released in Beta alongside new trailer for Gamescom!

Act of Aggression's Cartel faction released in Steam pre-order Beta alongside new trailer for Gamescom! Content update also includes increased Zoom out, new maps, and other improvements!

Eugen Systems' pre-order beta on Steam for techno-thriller RTS Act of Aggression has been taking the internet by storm, with players enjoying before release the Chimera and US Army factions in the game. Now, a new faction is in town and rearing to get into the fight: The Cartel, a Private Military Company sporting the world's most elusive prototypical technology, showcased in today's new video!

Big consumers of Aluminum (one of the games primary resources), the Cartel's base is a mineral hungry power-house, but their units are not, relying on raw cash to expand their military operations. Sleek, black, prototypical units and infantry will make up the bulk of your army, able to cloak themselves as you research through the Private Military (its legal front), and Block Ops tech trees.

Today's content update also includes an increased zoom-out function, following the players' feedback. Zoom-out 30-40% further and see more of the battlefield, alongside a dedicated button for satellite view, so you'll miss none of the action in Act of Aggression's latest exciting patch. Pre-order now to jump right in before the September 2nd release on Steam!

Along with the Cartel, players will also now get access to three new maps, a 1v1 and two 2v2 maps with the new free-for-all game-mode, pitting the US Army, Chimera, and Cartel against each other! And remember, where diplomacy fails, nuclear war prevails!

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