Act of Aggression's superweapons unleashed in explosive new trailer


Where diplomacy fails, nuclear war prevails in Act of Aggression’s dramatic new super-weapons trailer, showcasing the intimidating nuclear arsenals of all the techno-thriller factions in the new RTS from Eugen Systems, coming to PC on September 2!

Each of the three futuristic military factions not only holds an inventory of unique and specialized military equipment and units, but also access to a variety of end-game oriented super-weapons, featuring the latest in conventional and prototypical boom.

Tactical super-weapons are a viable option for defensive players who wish to exhaust the enemy’s economy while they stockpile tactical weaponry rounds for a surprise strike, as well as players rich in the game’s primary resources to finish off their opponent with a bang.
To defend yourself from your enemies’ tactical strikes, one anti-super weapon unit is also available per faction.

The US dominate with the Peacekeeper missile silo holding the LGM-118, and defend with the MIM-104 Patriot launcher, unlockable under DEFCON 1. The Omega Blitzer is the weapon of choice for the Chimera, a multi-shot long-range rail-gun with a wide spread. Uniquely, their defense is mobile under the name of the Antey, a mobile anti-tactical weapon. As for the Cartel… we’ll be learning more about them during Gamescom 2015 in only a few days!

No nuclear superpower would be complete without upgrades, so you’ll be able to upgrade your anti-tactical facilities by increasing aspects such as damage, range, and accuracy. For example, the Antey launcher tubes can be upgraded to double the number of tubes for extra security.

You can dive right into the mushroom-cloud now and start playing by pre-ordering Act of Aggression on Steam, where you’ll be treated to the US Army and Chimera factions, including multiplayer, skirmishes, and comp-stomp prior to the game’s September 2nd launch date. The Cartel will be revealed and unleashed during Gamescom 2015! 

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