Base Management


Bringing back strategic base building in style, Act of Aggression isn't just about building your base as fast as possible, but as strategically as possible. Anticipate the units you'll need and your path through the tech-tree, all the while managing space, income, electricity, and establishing supply lines. Each faction has their own style, and you'll need to know what your enemy is capable of to defeat him!


Harvest Accumulate resources on the map to ensure the wheels of war keep turning. Place electricity generators in your base to keep defenses and production lines activated running, and build refineries on the map to automatically harvest resources around its vicinity, with supply trucks vehicles autonomously taking the spoils of war back to your base.


Taking wounded enemy soldiers or vehicle crews as prisoners of war will bring you an extra another source of income, exfiltrate enemy soldiers wounded in battle, or ejected from tanks, planes, and helicopters as your prisoners of war as an supplementary source of income, as well as raiding and occupying banks on the map ( often multiple ) to get the financial edge over your opponent.